Golf Lighting

Golf Lighting Standards

Teeing Ground: In the teeing ground, install the lighting on the left and right sides of the teeing ground or in the rear, around 2m from the end point of the teeing ground. When installing the lighting on the left and right sides, anticipate that the athletes may be left or right-handed and be sure to install supplementary lighting in the symmetrical direction to ensure that the players are not obstructed by shadows.

Fairway: To find the location of the ball that has landed on the fairway, we need wide ranging aiming over the entire fairway. Be sure to provide luminance to shadowy areas created by various obstructions or topographical conditions. Aiming is necessary to track the flight trajectory or the balls headed toward the fairway. 

Putting Green: When heading from the fairway to the green, the players should not see any direct glare from the light source. Take care when selectric the location to prevent ground reflection glare from occuring. Arrange the lights to ensure that shadows are eliminated, regardless of wether the player is left or right handed. Set the uniformity luminance at the highest level.